Lakeuden Etappi Oy is responsible for organising waste management in the area of its eight owner municipalities with 130,000 residents in South Ostrobothnia. We also offer waste disposal for companies according to contract.

Lakeuden Etappi’s partner municipalities

  • Alavus
  • Ilmajoki
  • Kihniö
  • Kuortane
  • Kurikka
  • Lapua
  • Seinäjoki
  • Ähtäri

The municipalities carry out official duties, such as monitoring the observance of waste management regulations.

Lakeuden Etappi’s duties

Lakeuden Etappi organises waste management in its owner municipalities. In our operating area, waste transport is contracted by the municipality. This means that we, as the regional waste management company, put waste transport out to tender in a centralised way on behalf of the residents. This allows us to organise waste transport efficiently and ecologically, while reducing unnecessary driving and emissions.

Our duties:

  •       emptying property-specific dumpsters
  •       waste transport
  •       waste treatment
  •       waste management communications and waste disposal advice

Waste management offices

Lakeuden Etappi’s operating area has

  • about 70 recycling points for recoverable waste
  • at least one waste station in every municipality
    • The waste stations accept households’ sorted recoverable and hazardous waste free of charge. Waste management is financed with eco and waste charges.
  • Waste Management Centre in Ilmajoki
  • biogas plant
    • The biogas plant produces biogas and soil conditioner granules from bio-waste and sewage sludge

Lakeuden Etappi is the largest shareholder of the Westenergy Oy waste-to-energy plant.

Our waste management is financed through eco and waste charges.