Waste containers and other products

We have a broad range of waste containers covering all sizes and needs, from traditional plastic containers to stylish rubbish, ash and grit containers. We are more than happy to help you choose and measure the best containers for your needs. All our waste containers are high in quality, able to withstand mechanical emptying and designed for Finnish weather conditions.

Protective cabinets

Our modern protective cabinets help you to hide away traditional waste containers, giving your yard a clean and hygienic look. Our protective cabinet makes it easier to keep the yard clean but takes less room than a waste container shelter and is easier and less expensive. We offer protective cabinets for all waste components and waste containers. The sides of the product lend themselves well for advertising if you choose.

Waste compactors

We offer waste compactors for energy components, cardboard, plastics, paper and other materials. You can hire, lease or buy a waste compactor. A waste compactor is an excellent solution when your company generates a large amount of waste and you want to reduce the collection frequency. Available also with special equipment, such as odour control and base heating. In addition to maintenance and repair, our comprehensive service includes washing and disinfection, as needed.