Palveluhinnaston jätemaksutaksasta päättää kuntien yhteinen Lakeuden jätelautakunta. Nykyinen hinnasto on voimassa alkaen 1.1.2020.


In Lakeuden Etappi’s operating area, properties are charged an eco-charge that covers the costs of collecting and transporting, for example, recyclable and hazardous waste.

The eco-charge ensures that the inhabitants of the municipalities do not need to pay a separate fee for the disposal of recyclable and hazardous waste at recycling points and waste stations. Recyclable waste includes, for example, metal, waste wood and glass. Companies do not pay an eco-charge, which is why the services of a municipal company are subject to a charge for them.

Rubbish collection fee

The fee for emptying a dumpster depends on its size. The fee covers the collection and transport of waste from your home yard to the disposal site, as well as its appropriate treatment. A resident of a detached house will be invoiced for their waste management directly, whereas a resident of a housing cooperative will have their waste management charge included in their rent or maintenance charge.