Kuva RE-pisteestä

Etappi’s new service, RE-point, is located next to the old Seinäjoki waste station at Laulateentie 111. RE-point serves all the residents living in Etappi’s operating area, which means that people from Etappi’s other partner municipalities besides Seinäjoki are also welcome.

RE-point offers many ways of taking care of waste disposal, and you can dispose of domestic waste there also as self-service using the RE-appi mobile app. In short, you can take waste there whenever it suits you, regardless of opening hours. The mobile app is only available in Finnish. Please use RE-point during service hours if you don’t speak Finnish.

The staff are available in the Hubi customer service area during service hours and are happy to guide you. During service hours, you can choose to have the staff help you or dispose of your waste as self-service. Companies can only dispose of their waste during service hours.

in a nutshell

  • A new service facility for waste sorting and recycling in Seinäjoki. Laulateentie 111, at the junction of Kuortaneentie and the eastern bypass, Itäinen ohitustie
  • Area approximately 3.5 ha
  • Building area 4,312 m2
  • Buildings: Hubi information and customer service facility, Tuubi sorting shed and Tarha for garden waste, etc.
  • 41 sorting points for waste
  • Completed in June 2021, opened to customers on 28 June 2021
  • Open on weekdays during service hours between 11:00–18:00, self-service for households 24/7
  • Where did the name RE-point (and RE-piste in Finnish) come from? From the word ‘recycling’.

Three-point RE-point – the different areas

The way it works is that you sort your waste at home and unload it at Tarha or the covered sorting shed known as Tuubi, depending on the sort of waste you have and following the sorting instructions. There are signs to show you what type of waste goes where. To help you sort your waste, the mobile app (in Finnish) and our website have a Waste search function where you can check what category of waste a certain item belongs to.

: 1. HUBI is RE-point’s customer service, open on weekdays between 11:00–18:00

Tuubin logo: 2. TUUBI is a covered waste reception shed

: 3. TARHA is an outdoor reception area for waste wood, dry sticks and branches, raking waste and textile-covered furniture.


Self-service with the RE-appi mobile app

Households can also use RE-point as self-service, using the RE-appi mobile app that can be downloaded on a mobile phone or tablet. The mobile app is only available in Finnish. Please use RE-point during service hours if you don’t speak Finnish. Outside service hours, waste disposal at RE-point is only available as self-service.

The price for disposing of waste that is subject to a charge is currently €8 for less than 0.5 cubic metres and €20 for 0.5–2 cubic metres.

This is how it works


  • Download the RE-appi application from your application store.
  • Register into the application using your email address. Check your email account for a confirmation email (in Finnish) and confirm your account according to the instructions. Please note: The confirmation email will come from noreply@materialport.com.
  • Log in to the application using the password you have created.
  • Prepare your load at home and enter what type of waste you are going to bring to RE-point by choosing “uusi käynti” (“new visit”).
  • Each type of waste must be entered separately. After you have chosen a type, the text for the waste type will turn orange and will be transferred to the shopping basket.
  • If you don’t know what type your waste is, check it in the waste search using a search word.
  • If your load contains waste that is subject to a charge, please choose the correct waste amount, and you will be charged according to the amount.
  • After you have entered all the waste in your load, scroll to the end of the page and click “jatka” (“continue”).
  • Your screen will then show a summary of your registration entries.
  • Please add your vehicle’s registration number to your account information, because it will be used to allow you entry to the facilities. You can add more than one registration number into the app.
  • Choose your preferred payment method or add another payment card and click “maksa” (“pay”). No changes can be made after this. For this reason, make sure to pay only after you have entered all your waste.
  • Now you have two days to take your waste to RE-point. If you don’t, your account will not be charged.