Our container service team brings you a waste container and replaces it as needed

Every household must have a container for combustible waste. The container is emptied at least every two weeks in urban areas and at least every four weeks in rural areas.

Etappi’s container service team delivers the container to the new customer free of charge after a waste management agreement has been made. If the container breaks or you want to replace it with a larger or smaller one, Etappi will deal with this too.

You can suspend the emptying of your container if the property is uninhabited, for example, during a holiday. You can arrange the suspension by submitting a notification to Etappi’s customer service team.


We help take care of the waste management of your property. How may we serve you?

Piirroskuva isojen esineiden noudosta: pakettiauto hakee sohvaa ja pesukonetta.

Collecting large items

Etappi collects large items from your property as needed. Collected items include, for example, refrigerators, televisions and washing machines.

Piirretty auto lietteenkeräysautosta.

Household septic sludge

Septic and storage tanks for household septic sludge must be emptied and taken to a sewage treatment plant at least once a year.

Piirretty kuva lavasta, jossa on jätettä.

Skip service

When you generate a large amount of waste, for example, in connection with a renovation, clearing out storage spaces or organising a communal yard clearance, contact Etappi to book our skip service. It includes the delivery and collection of a skip or a skip with compartments.