Waste container maintenance

Etappi delivers a container to the new customer after a waste management agreement has been made. If the container breaks or you want to replace it with a larger or smaller one, Etappi will replace it for you.

  • The containerr has to be kept in good repair.
  • The collection vehicle must be able to drive to within at least 10 metres of the container unobstructed.

Good to know about the waste container shelter

  • The doorway to the container shelter or area must have no threshold, stairs or any other obstacle or hindrance. The container space must be made sufficiently spacious to allow the containers to be moved about.
  • Doors must be equipped with systems that keep the door open when needed. If the container shelter is locked or the container is kept behind a locked door, the lock must have a double cylinder so that Lakeuden Etappi’s master key will fit into one of them.
  • The instructions and regulations of building inspection and rescue authorities must be taken into account in the placement of the container shelter.

Also make sure of the following

  • Even in the winter, the collection vehicle must have easy access to the waste container, so please make sure that the snow in the container area has been cleared and the ground has been gritted. There must also be unobstructed access to the sludge holding tanks year round. Please mark the location of the tank cover, for example, with a snow stake.
  • In the summer, please make sure that bushes and trees cannot damage the garbage truck (for example, by knocking off its side view mirrors) or conceal the container from sight.
  • Pets must be tied up to prevent them from getting in the way of rubbish collection.
  • Please notify Lakeuden Etappi of any frost heaving; it may be necessary to suspend rubbish collection for the duration of frost heave.

Waste transport on a road with a weight limitation

If your property’s waste container or household septic tank is located along a private road with a weight limitation and you wish for us to come and empty it on site, please place an additional sign next to the sign for the weight limitation with the phrase “huoltoajo sallittu” (“service traffic allowed”) or “ei koske jätekuljetusta” (“does not apply to waste transport”).

On private roads, weight limitations apply also to garbage and sludge trucks, unlike on public roads where they do not apply to transport that is considered necessary, such as garbage trucks.

If the road is in very poor condition, the driver may use their discretion and decide not to drive on a particular stretch of road. This is because a garbage truck can weigh more than 25 tonnes with a load. In such cases, our customer service team will contact the customer and ask them to move their waste container by the side of a stretch of road that can withstand the truck’s weight for a limited time period.