Spot services

The new separate waste collection and property waste collection services at Lakeuden Etappi have been named Spot services

Spot services

The changes to Lakeuden Etappi’s waste management services under the new Waste Act will become visible in residents’ daily life in the summer of 2023. That is when housing associations will be provided with new waste containers with four compartments, or separate containers for recyclable packaging waste (cardboard, glass, metal and plastic packaging). The changes after that will include the extension of the separate collection of biowaste, starting in the spring of 2024.

The environmental impacts of waste collection and affordable prices have also been taken into account in Lakeuden Etappi’s new Spot service system.

Spot service levels

In residents’ home yards, the Spot services are reflected in different combinations of waste containers. A detached house can have either a container with two compartments for combustible waste and biowaste, or a container for only combustible waste if the residents compost their biowaste. A housing association can have both separate and compartmentalised waste containers. See the schedule for the extension of separate collection at the end of this page.

Lakeuden Etappi’s Spot services are the starting point for effective waste processing. Your waste will be turned into recycled raw materials, energy, biogas and soil conditioner granules.


What is a waste container with compartments?

A compartmentalised container is a new type of waste bin used to collect several different types of waste in the same container, with a separate section for each type of waste. A container with two compartments is used for combustible waste and biowaste. A container with four compartments is used for four different types of packaging waste: cardboard, glass, metal and plastic packaging. These compartmentalised containers are emptied as a unit into a specially designed truck, which has its own compartments inside for each type of waste. This new waste collection system will reduce emissions, while also aiming to increase recycling rates.

The different sizes and types of waste containers and their combinations within Lakeuden Etappi’s Spot services are designed to serve the needs of properties of various sizes:

Please note: The Spot Pro service level is also available for detached and semi-detached houses in urban areas, with the option of a four-compartment container for the separate collection of packaging waste.


Schedule for the extension of separate collection

    • The collection of packaging waste throughout the operating area in housing associations with a minimum of three apartments: from 1 July 2023

    The collection of biowaste using containers with compartments, or independent composting:

    • Ilmajoki, Kurikka, Lapua: from 1 April 2024
    • Seinäjoki city centre: from 1 July 2024
    • Areas outside the Seinäjoki city centre (Ylistaro, areas outside the Nurmo urban area), Kuortane: from 1 May 2025
    • Jalasjärvi, Peräseinäjoki: from 1 January 2026
    • Alavus, Ähtäri, Kihniö: from 1 April 2026
    • In Jurva, due to its different waste transport system, biowaste collection will not be extended to all households. In Jurva, separate collection of biowaste will start from 19 July 2023 for housing associations with a minimum of five apartments. Read more about waste management in Jurva at the link below.

Waste management in Jurva


Spot Pro service package

Number of apartmentsSize of 4-compartment containerCollection interval
3–5 apartments370 litres2 weeks
6–9 apartments660 litres2 weeks

In housing associations with more than 10 apartments, each type of waste has its own container.

Property managers: Please contact Lakeuden Etappi by 12 May 2023 if you wish to change the smaller four-compartment container for a larger one or if you wish to change the collection interval to four weeks.

Volume of the compartments in a four-compartment container

Size of containerCardboard packagingPlastic packagingGlass packagingMetal packaging
370 litres115 litres115 litres30 litres30 litres
660 litres270 litres270 litres60 litres60 litres


Size of container

Size of 4-compartment containerWidth (cm)Depth (cm)Height (cm)
370 litres7781107
660 iltres13678123