We customise waste management for public service providers according to their needs

We help and advise major producers of waste, such as public institutions, in everything relating to waste disposal. Etappi’s customer service team is more than happy to support you by providing you with daily advice on waste, as well as helping you develop your waste management in the long term.

We offer comprehensive waste management services tailored to the customer’s needs.

Putting a property’s waste management in order

Every property must have appropriately organised waste management in place. Waste must be collected from the property sufficiently often so that:

  •       the accumulated waste fits into the containers
  •       the containers can be closed at all times
  •       the weight of the container does not exceed the set maximum weight

The obligation to sort waste and how regularly rubbish is collected are specified in the waste management regulations.


Type of waste recovered Collected separately if
Biowaste there are cooking activities or a catering facility such as a canteen in the property, or a significant amount of biowaste is produced for other reasons, more than 25 kg a week
Paperboard packaging waste on average, more than 50 kg of this waste component is accrued per month
Metal packaging waste or other metal waste on average, more than 100 kg of this waste component is accrued per year
Glass packaging waste or other glass waste on average, more than 100 kg of this waste component is accrued per year
Waste paper as stipulated in sections 49 and 50 of the Waste Act

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