We take care of companies’ waste management under the system of secondary responsibility

Lakeuden Etappi is able to take care of companies’ waste management by assuming secondary responsibility for it as needed.

The waste owner should first estimate their annual waste management costs. If the sum exceeds €2,000 a year without VAT, the Waste Act requires the company to primarily seek the waste management services they need on the private market or at Materiaalitori. Via Materiaalitori, Etappi receives information about the company’s need for the service if it has not found a suitable market-based service by a private provider. In that case, a secondary responsibility contract can be made on waste transport and treatment.

A company whose annual waste management expenses are below €2,000 can contact Etappi directly for a secondary responsibility service.

Please note that the waste type must be suitable for the system of municipal waste management we offer in order for Etappi to be able to accept it.