Using your own waste container is the cheapest and most convenient solution for the owner of a holiday home. Alternatively, you can have a shared container with a neighbour or transport your waste to regional collection points.

By law, waste management is property-specific, meaning that every property must have a contract in place for waste management. Etappi’s customer service team is more than happy to help and advise you with organising your waste collection. 

A waste container at your summer cottage

A property-specific waste container can be used at a recreational property if the holiday home is located along a sufficiently load-bearing and wide road so that the collection vehicle can access the container. The season for emptying waste containers at holiday homes ranges from 1 June to 30 September.

Etappi’s container service team delivers the dumpster to the new customer free of charge after a waste management agreement has been made. If the container breaks or you want to replace it with a larger or smaller one, Etappi will deal with this too.

Etappi will send you a waste disposal invoice in the autumn after the cottage season has ended.

Holiday homes can also use a shared container, with no more than five summer cottages sharing one container. The invoice will be sent to the owner of the property on whose land the container is located.

Regional collection point as an alternative to a container

In the summer, there are joint regional collection points for combustible waste, intended for occupiers of holiday homes in Alavus, Kihniö, Kuortane, Töysä, Ähtäri and Peräseinäjoki from 1 May to 30 September. In Kihniö, these points are year-round and some of them are available to permanent residents.

A seasonal fee is charged for this service every spring in all the other localities, except in Kihniö where an annual fee is charged.

Regional collection points only accept combustible waste from recreational dwellings, i.e. normal garbage bags with utilisable and hazardous waste sorted and removed. See our sorting instructions.

Eco charge also applies to holiday homes

Eco charge is charged for recreational dwellings too because the services the fee covers are also available to seasonal dwellers. The eco charge covers, for example, the free reception of many types of waste at waste stations and the upkeep of Etappi’s eco points.

We help you take care of the waste management of your property. How may we serve you?

Piirroskuva isojen esineiden noudosta: pakettiauto hakee sohvaa ja pesukonetta.

Collecting large items

Etappi collects large items from your property as needed. Collected items include, for example, refrigerators, televisions and washing machines.

Piirretty auto lietteenkeräysautosta.

Collecting household septic sludge

Septic and storage tanks for household septic sludge created in a dwelling must be emptied and taken to a sewage treatment plant at least once a year.