Combustible waste

Combustible waste

You can put, for example, the following rubbish in the container for combustible waste:

  • dirty plastic packaging
  • small PVC products, such as toys and waterproof clothing
  • styrofoam and urethane boards
  • dirty cardboard and paper packaging
  • used hygiene products, such as nappies and sanitary towels
  • kitchen paper and paper napkins
  • clothes and shoes
  • vacuum cleaner dust bags
  • cat litter and other pet cage material
  • ash (packed, not loose) and cigarette stubs
  • incandescent bulbs, halogen lamps and fuses as individual items
  • other non-recyclable waste suitable for incineration

Please pack waste deposited in the home’s container for combustible waste into a rubbish bag and close the bag well. This helps to promote the hygienic treatment of waste.

Please sort utilisable and hazardous waste separately and take it to the appropriate waste collection points.
Take larger volumes of waste to the waste station.

Combustible waste to be transported to a waste station

Landfill waste

  • plastic products, such as plastic buckets and agricultural plastics (no PVC)
  • styrofoam and urethane boards
  • upholstered furniture, rugs and large batches of textiles
  • dirty cardboard and paper, such as protective paper
  • wood dust, sawdust and cutter shavings in bags
  • wood fibre insulation
  • wood fibre-based mineral wool in bags
  • waste cleaned from construction sites (no rock material)