Landfill waste


Waste stations accept small volumes of landfill waste, two cubic metres at most, which are subject to a charge. Such waste includes, for example:

  • Products containing PVC, such as pipes, electrical cables, hoses, tarpaulins, tablecloths made of coated fabric, unidentified plastics
  • plasterboard
  • windows with window frames
  • mineral wool (glass and rock wool). Blowing wool (mineral-rich wool in bags)
  • renovation waste resulting from water damage
  • plastic flooring and roofing felt
  • heat-resisting glass
  • other non-recyclable and non-combustible waste

After treatment, the materials obtained from this waste are taken through various recycling or recovery processes. A small proportion of this waste is disposed of at a landfill, such as mineral wool and heat-resisting glass.