Metal packaging waste

Metal packaging

In the waste container for metal packaging, you can put, for example, the following empty, clean and dry items:

  • cans
  • small household metal items
  • lids and bottle tops
  • aluminium dishes and foil
  • the metal cups of tealights
  • paint pots
  • spray cans

Rinse with cold water. Labels do not need to be removed.

Metal waste

Metal waste is accepted free of charge at Etappi waste stations. Metal waste includes, for example:

  • bicycles
  • clothes drying racks
  • frying pans and saucepans
  • gas and charcoal barbecues
  • lawnmowers (without fuel or oil)
  • metal barrels with at least one end completely open

Is your waste plastic or metal?

Carry out a squeeze test to find out. Squeeze the piece of rubbish to make it smaller. Let go and see if it stays crumpled up or if it uncrumples. If it starts to gradually uncrumple, it is mostly made out of plastic and must be sorted into the home’s container for combustible waste or the container for plastic packaging. If it stays crumpled up it is made out of metal and must be sorted into metal rubbish.

Plastic items include, for example, coffee packages, crisp bags and blister packs for medicine. Metal items include the foil lids of yoghurt tubs and some food containers for pet food.