Waste wood

Tree waste

Waste wood includes, for example:

  • wooden doors and cabinets, furniture (with no padding)
  • painted wood
  • coated wood (melamine), parquet, chipboard, plywood, hardboard
  • planks from dismantled concrete forms
  • unpainted wood, such as pallets and untreated pieces of timber

Rotted and burnt wood belongs with combustible waste.

Waste stations accept waste wood from households free of charge in volumes of no more than two cubic metres, with the exception of Seinäjoki where a maximum of four cubic metres is accepted. Volumes larger than these are accepted at the waste management centre.

Pressure impregnated timber

Pressure impregnated timber must be sorted into a load of its own, because it is hazardous waste.
For example:

  • green salt-impregnated timber, such as pressure impregnated boards, wooden decking and garden furniture
  • brown creosote-impregnated timber, such as railway sleepers and pieces of telephone and power line poles

Waste stations accept a maximum volume of one cubic metre from households free of charge. Etappi does not accept larger volumes than this. Pressure impregnated timber from companies is not accepted at all.