Garden waste

Raking waste

Raking waste includes the following collected from the garden, yard or park:

  • plants
  • plant parts
  • leaves from trees and bushes

Raking waste can also include hay and cut grass, as well as a maximum of 20 litres of potting soil per visit. Raking waste is accepted at waste stations free of charge. Raking waste is composted into soil at the waste management centre in partnership with Kekkilä Oy.

Twigs and branches

Garden waste

Twigs and branches from trees and bushes are accepted at waste stations free of charge. Branches should be no thicker than your arm. Twigs and branches must not be mixed in with raking waste. Waste stations accept twigs and branches free of charge.

A good tip: Put raking waste at the bottom of your trailer and place twigs and branches on top. This will make the load easy to unload at the waste station.

You can also compost your raking waste yourself in your composter and make woodchips out of your twigs and branches to use as mulch in your garden.

Garden waste

Apples and berries

You can sort apples and berries that have gone off or are surplus into the container for biowaste or compost them in your own composter. You can also take them to a waste station. First and foremost we recommend you make good use of the produce from your garden and only throw it away as a last resort.

Tree stumps

Tree stumps are accepted at the waste management centre in Ilmajoki and are subject to a charge according to the price list.